Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sgt. Slaughter and Friends

Got up at 2:20 in the morning to meet up with jake to make our trek north.we got up extra early cause the plan was to hike down the canyon about 4 miles and fish our way up. we got to the river at 5:30 got rigged up and started our jaunt. i wanted to just hike all the way down without stops but it sure is tough passing up good looking water. we moved a few fish on streamers but once we got down as far as we cared to bush wack, we switched to dries. by the time we got to our starting point the fish were already looking top side. the first couple of hours was lights out with me and jake switching out after each fish. seems like once it started to get hot out that the fishing kind of took a shit on us with just a few scattered fish here and there. both of us ended up with a the trifecta of trout. cutties, browns and brooks. i mostly fish with a sgt slaughter in cicada colors and eventually jake switched to one as well. it did some damage on the fish. the highlight of the day were the few really nice cutts that i caught. nice sized and beautifully colored. by the time we had got back to the truck we had spent about 12 hours on the water and we were wore the hell out. it was new water for the both of us and i look forward to fishing it again.

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