Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A decent day

I picked up jerry at the usual spot. i was hoping to find some open water on strawberry res. but no such luck. we drove over to some moving water, it fished decent but we couldnt land any of the bigger fish. then since we were in the remote vicinity i told jerry i wanted to look at some other stillwater that ive been waiting to ice off. we drove over and as luck would have it, it was all iced off. we fished it for only a couple of hours as it was late. caught a few fish there.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Had to create a plan B

Me and scott took a drive to the slope in search of some open water we didnt really know what to expect with week long flashes of spring then a winter storm then week long flashes of spring again then another winter storm. we found out when we got up there that there really wasnt much snow and the dirt road actually is plowed for the oil workers. unfortunately at some point the snow plow follows the road heading east instead of going straight south, which as luck would have it is where we were hoping to go. oh well, just keep following the snow plowed road. we did that till we came to where the road crosses a small river. it only had a few small patches of open water and it was in about a foot of water. not enough for us to fuck with so we chalked that recon mission up to a lose and had to come up with a plan B. we got off the mountain and headed to known open water. it was still quite low and had actually dirtied up even more

then when i last fished it. i think it was a bit to dirty cause the fishing was garbage, in fact i didnt even see a fish and it had been fishing really well for me. scott ended up with 2 fish so at least he was off the shnide.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Matt decided to show up

Matt was gonna fish lower which had me going solo but as he was driving up he said there were people parked everywhere so when he called he said he would be to me shortly. i never mind fishing solo but the company is always nice especially if the fishing is good, which it was. we fished a private section that i have access to then once we fished through that we drove down a little lower and caught a few in a lower section but the quality of fish wasnt quite as good. it was a very productive afternoon.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Just a short minute

Not sure if ill be able to get out this weekend so in case i cant i went out after work for about and hour and  a half. missed a good number of fish but did land one in the last run.

Monday, March 5, 2018

2 pieces of water

I slept in late so i didnt get to the water till about 9am. the flows had dropped 100 cfs since the last time i fished it but i figured it would still fish fine but we had another storm roll thru the night before so i didnt know if that would affect them and/or how. i moved a good amount of fish but only caught 4 and nothing big. i fished up to a certain point then decided to head back to my jeep and drive down river to look at something else. at my next stop the water was super low, which i never fish the river when it is that low but decided, fuck it, i wanted to see if i could pull any fish from the few scattered holes. surprisingly as low as the water was there was still a fair amount of fishable water, even if the runs/holes were tiny. i gotta into about 7 fish that were 20 plus, landing 3 and losing 2 more of them. the piss trickle fished better then the section with more water. i was pleasantly surprised. i have private access there so im sure it helped the fish not being pounded by a bunch of other people. i ended up with about 11 fish to hand so it twas a good day.