Saturday, June 28, 2014

Afternoon Start

I kept Ali out of daycare to take her fishing, which she was excited about. we were heading to a lake that i hadn't fished before but unfortunately it rained the whole way up there with no end in sight. we had to just turn around and head home cause, although i can deal with the rain, i wasn't going to have her out in the miserable weather all day and getting sick. after we were home for awhile the sun started to pop out on this side of the canyon so i decided to head to the river for a couple of hours. even with all the vegetation taking over the river bottom, which makes it tough for streamers sometimes, i still did o.k. chris barkey's ferris fly got me into some slabby fish.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fucking Dog

There are fish rising everywhere in this slow tailout. i hooked up with one once i went smaller but it was quickly lost. i continued to work up but it was amazingly slow, i did manage one though. i was kneeling on the rocks switching flies when i smelt a horrid smell. i was quickly thinking i should make a dental appt. i stood up to start casting but i could still smell that smell. i looked down at saxon to talk to him and i noticed a big brown spot on the back of his neck. what it was was human shit, it looked like someone, probably a kid, had diarrhea on the shore and saxon found it and proceeded to roll in it. i was so pissed, i kept trying to get it off of saxon with muddy rocks but that did not cut it. i just called it a a day right there. didn't want to spend the rest of the day fishing with that odor.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Little Something Different

Spent the day chasing small fish on a small stream. it was a day chaulk full of cicadas and 6-13 inch fish capped off by a beautiful 15" cutt-bow. i'd only fished there once before and that was about 4-5 years ago. there were a lot more beaver dams this time around, which i think might hurt some of the fishing. come summer time it's fun to break out the light weight gear and chase smaller fish.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finishing Strong

the morning started off very slow, which was unexpected. also unexpected was the fact that a vacuum cleaner and a large wheel were both in the middle of this typically clean stream about 70 yards apart from each other. they should not have been in the stream period but there was no logical explanation why they were in that area. i started with a purple haze, maybe it was about early in the day, but couldn't move a fish on it. went to a streamer and got into a few. finally after throwing dries a second time i eventually started getting into some fish. i think the funnest part of my day was spotting a fish in the shallows, watched him eat something off the top then go thru my progressions and finally getting him to take my offering. he turned on my green drake, but didn't eat, then i threw on a purple haze, same thing, he turned on it and that was it. next up was a skwala dry and it looked like he was going to eat that one but turned off at the last minute. finally 2 casts with a small deer hair caddis and he was having his photo taken. it was cool to watch. although it was not a stellar day i did finish strong, at least compared to my start.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not to Shabby

A little indecisive this morning on where i wanted to fish. it had rained hard all day and night last night so i certainly expected the river to be blown. i thought about a res. that i've never seen but heard some good things, but when i drove by the river it was surprisingly low and clear. there were a couple of cars already there but i decided to see if i could finagle my way around people. the fish were non existant for awhile, to the point that i had actually turned around and started heading back to the jeep to go elsewhere, but just as quickly decided i would get up around the bend and give it a little more time. that paid off cause once i got to a certain point and started getting into fish, it was lights out. caught quite a few fish and some pretty nice ones as well. an off white voodoo queen did the trick.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top to Bottom

Top to bottom it was a good day. an olive streamer a purple haze and a green drake pattern all produced quite well. i keep mixing those around all day and it never slowed down. i had planned on hitting the lake but glad i decided on the river instead. the caddis were thick and i found out there are cicadas there. some how i never knew, guess i hadn't fished it much this time of year or something.