Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not to Shabby

A little indecisive this morning on where i wanted to fish. it had rained hard all day and night last night so i certainly expected the river to be blown. i thought about a res. that i've never seen but heard some good things, but when i drove by the river it was surprisingly low and clear. there were a couple of cars already there but i decided to see if i could finagle my way around people. the fish were non existant for awhile, to the point that i had actually turned around and started heading back to the jeep to go elsewhere, but just as quickly decided i would get up around the bend and give it a little more time. that paid off cause once i got to a certain point and started getting into fish, it was lights out. caught quite a few fish and some pretty nice ones as well. an off white voodoo queen did the trick.

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