Monday, October 27, 2014

O Dark Thirty

I had to get up at 3:30am to pick up dbone and matt at 4. it was still dark out when we arrived at the river but the sun was just starting to make it's presence felt as we made the long walk to our starting point. the morning was brisk but at least the sun was out. we put on a lot of miles and pounded a lot of water with not a whole lot to show for it. the fishing gods chose not to reward us with much but the company was good so it was worth all the effort.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Little Flinging

Went out after work to throw some streamers. didn't catch anything of worth. a few real small fish but i was fishing and that's all that matters.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Streamer Hiatus

Saw my first fish on redds today. that means that my streamer season will be coming to a brief end.  only saw a couple of fish on them and fish were still holding in the deeper turbulent water so i may have another week maybe two before, i feel, the fish will turn off chasing meat till after the spawn. fished for about 3 hours and managed about 7-8 fish to hand. pretty decent day on the water.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Streamers, Browns and B@*s..........Took an Evening Stroll

Once i had ali taken care of, i made it to the river about 4:30pm. hit a really small section since i wanted to be back to the jeep sometime around dark. i managed to rack up a few decent fish, and the evening temps. were perfect. white streamer was the only color that moved any fish.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chou in for a Visit

So I've known brian chou from the site for the past 11 years. a few years back we had arranged a meet and greet on the deschutes but unfortunately as i was on my way i had to come back home for an emergency situation. well he messaged me about a month ago saying he was coming in for a business type conference and wanted to hook up for some fishing. the other day i picked him up from the airport and after a license, straight to the river. water still had a little stain but looked good. we didn't fish up as far as i had planned but that was cause the fishing sucked, although in the first few casts chou did land his first utah brown and as usual on a streamer, he was stoked! we chose to get out and maybe head upstream a bit. i quick stop for some gas station food and off. we walked down from where i parked to some pocket water and it was kickn' right off the bat. we each landed 2-3 out of the pockets and surrounding water. i issed, 3 times in the same small pocket, a pig of a  brown. the 3rd time i finally hooked up but after a couple of heads shakes he spit my meat. as we fished up, pocket by pocket, i landed another beautiful brown. it was actually the only fish we caught that had any fall colors to it. i was standing there re-attaching my streamer as chou pounded pockets, i saw him stepping over a big rock, i looked down at my knot, i looked back up and there was chou taking a swim break.  all i saw was his head sticking out of the water. i chuckling inside at first but when he took his camera out of his waders, all i could think that fucking sucks. his phone was toast as well. i offered to call it a day but he quickly nixed that idea. we got into a few more fish the way up and after it got dark we decided to call it a day. brian's a cool kat and it seemed he had a good time. u know, i really thought he'd be taller. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Irrigation Season is Over

We had high hopes after our last outing out there but the night before we fished the irrigation water had been redirected into the river which made for high and off color flows. it was even higher sometime thru the night cause you could see on the shoreline where the water had receded 10-15 ft. i blame the water flux within 24hrs before we fished it, for the shabby fishing. myself and dbone  each caught one fish and that about summed up the day. oh well shit happens.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Found Some Clear Water

After all the rain we had this weekend i wasn't sure about finding some fishable water. dbone had fished yesterday and said that all the moving water they drove by had blown out from the rains. well i did manage to find a piece that was still clear. i got to the river before dbone so i fished a higher section for about an hour and got into a good amount of fish on a white sex parakeet streamer. when dbone text me that he was getting close i packed it up and headed to meet him. the fishing started off slow but really started to pick up around noonish. we got into a few nice fish before dbone hooked in to an absolute tank, we got a really good look at his buttery goodness size when  he came flying out of the water. during the short fight dbones fly line got tangled around his reel and reel seat and the slab snapped off the streamer. that was tough to watch and even tougher for dbone. after a few more fish he roped into another pig. this one was a little smaller ten the one he lost but it was still the best all around fish i've ever seen come out of that water. around 23" and/but the girth was insane. it was a very impressive fish. i was taking some pics for him with his camera when i felt the cold chill of the river working its way down my waders. i had got real low to the water to get the shot i wanted but ended up getting to low and of course my camera had to be tucked in my waders and ended up getting wet. my camera was done for the day after that. i really wanted some pics of that fish but unfortunately never got a chance to get any with my camera. hopefully it will be working tommorrow for some brookies.