Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chou in for a Visit

So I've known brian chou from the site for the past 11 years. a few years back we had arranged a meet and greet on the deschutes but unfortunately as i was on my way i had to come back home for an emergency situation. well he messaged me about a month ago saying he was coming in for a business type conference and wanted to hook up for some fishing. the other day i picked him up from the airport and after a license, straight to the river. water still had a little stain but looked good. we didn't fish up as far as i had planned but that was cause the fishing sucked, although in the first few casts chou did land his first utah brown and as usual on a streamer, he was stoked! we chose to get out and maybe head upstream a bit. i quick stop for some gas station food and off. we walked down from where i parked to some pocket water and it was kickn' right off the bat. we each landed 2-3 out of the pockets and surrounding water. i issed, 3 times in the same small pocket, a pig of a  brown. the 3rd time i finally hooked up but after a couple of heads shakes he spit my meat. as we fished up, pocket by pocket, i landed another beautiful brown. it was actually the only fish we caught that had any fall colors to it. i was standing there re-attaching my streamer as chou pounded pockets, i saw him stepping over a big rock, i looked down at my knot, i looked back up and there was chou taking a swim break.  all i saw was his head sticking out of the water. i chuckling inside at first but when he took his camera out of his waders, all i could think that fucking sucks. his phone was toast as well. i offered to call it a day but he quickly nixed that idea. we got into a few more fish the way up and after it got dark we decided to call it a day. brian's a cool kat and it seemed he had a good time. u know, i really thought he'd be taller. :)

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