Friday, April 26, 2013

The Cove

We finally mustered up enough interest and people to head back to the sea for an evening of fishing, snorkling and sweating like a whore in church. the humidity down there is pretty brutal. we were on our way to our usual spot but each time we have to drive past a series of coves and i've always been interested in seeing how it is in these coves but we just have never stopped. this time we cruised on over to one of the coves and ended up liking what we saw. we had a nice little low profile spot to park and were kind of tucked into the trees, the wind was void and the water was glass. the only that seemed to be missing was a reef for snorkling and spear fishing. from shore we could tell where the water had some deeper looking patches of water but wasn't sure what kind of structure was out there. only one way to find out. i rigged up with a clouser and will and tom got their snorkling gear on and we started our log walk out to the deep. most of the area in the area we camped at was no more then thigh deep but there were some nice deep troughs with some reef structure that ended up being perfect for fishing and snorkling. as they swam off i was soon tight into my 1st fish and i was stoked to that it was a new species or sub-species of what i've already caught in the red sea and it was my biggest fish there at that point. i was getting into a fish here and there when will and tom were swimming back in my general area, when all of a sudden those 2 started freaking out in the water and trying to push each other away. of course i could'nt see what all the commotion was about so i started wondering to myself if maybe i should start panicking and getting the hell out of the water. i didn't get out of the water but i did back away from the edge of the reef though. they finally got a hold of their selves and as it turned out, tom speared a puffer fish that puffed to bigger then a basketball after it was speared then starting swimming at them both all swolled up with them big ass spikes at attention. those 2 scared the shit out of me with all that panic going on. i managed to land a few more fish including what was, i believe, some small barracudas before the sun went completely down. those are some strong little bastards as well. a couple of times i didn't account for all the sharp as teeth swimming out there and lost a couple of flies to a frayed leader on my knot loop. after the sun went down we did some bbq'ing and a small fire. by 5am i was swimming some flies, by 7am the sweat was flowing and by 8:30am and a few fish later we were on the road back home.