Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Leisure

A short few hours with dbone and drake produced a few fish, including some nice little cutt-bows. nothing noteable fish wise but still always enjoyable to get out.

Monday, July 22, 2013

4 Days in Wyoming

Went up camping with my wifes cousins husband who owns some acres along rock creek res. just south of lander, wyoming. myself, steve and austin got up there wed. night and after we set up camp we headed down the road to the res. word on the street was  somewhat recently some dam work had been done so the res. had to be drained a bit and in doing so apparently there was some fish kill. the res was then re-stocked with a couple hundred hatchery 'bows' and a some brookies. anyway we got down there in about an hour and a half before the sun went down we each caught two buck 'bows'. steve, chucking spinners caught the biggest fish he'd seen out of there at about 19". i was tossing a little olive crystal bugger. the next day after some breakfast we headed over to the little popo agie (pronounced-papozha). there we only fished two small sections and the lower one produced o.k. for some smaller browns and one that i caught around 16" and then the upper section produced a decent fish for steve but other then that it sucked ass. we also hit the lower sweetwater river and the flows were extremely low and the fish was pathetic. friday, both mine and steve's wives showed up. saturday myself, wife, step-son and niece made a scenic drive over to sikes canyon. sikes canyon is somewhat of a mystery as the river (middle papo agie) disappears into a cave and according to the visitors center, water entering the cave does not come out the other side for about two hours. apparently dye tests have been conducted which is where the two hours was derived. the middle has some amazing looking pocket water but it will have to wait till next time. a couple of times we headed to the papo agie for some much needed cooling off in one of the bigger holes in that area. all in all it was a pretty good trip.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Farmer

I sure can farm some fish. i thought maybe my cicada that i've been fishing the last week was maybe a bit big and that's why i was missing so many fish. today i started with a purple haze and missed fish. also fished a beetle and an ant, i also farmed some fish. i then went back to the cicada and in one run alone i farmed 4 fish, 2 decent ones, 1 nice one and 1 tank at the head of the run. my timing is either off or these fish are just fucking with me. fished with jerry today  and the dry fly snob certainly farmed his share as well. the fishing was pretty damn good and it wasnt until the thunder started crackling and the rain started dmping that we called it a day. all in all the cicadas patterns did the most damage again.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Phenomenal Day

Pat had to bail cause he got called into to work, jake was hung over so the day ended up being just me and scott. worked out just fine cause that meant more fish for the 2 of us. we fished for 6hrs and only until about 12:30 and had a better day then usually we'll have in 2 or 3 outings. we both threw a sgt. slaughter all day and nothing else. weather wise it was mostly cloud cover with a few small breaks with some sun. it looked like a storm was coming in and it was accompanied by thunder so we decided to cut the day short but it was all good with the day that we already had. it was a day filled with some nice browns and beautiful cutts. i also caught 2 brookies, which we didn't know existed in that water. i love small water