Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Farmer

I sure can farm some fish. i thought maybe my cicada that i've been fishing the last week was maybe a bit big and that's why i was missing so many fish. today i started with a purple haze and missed fish. also fished a beetle and an ant, i also farmed some fish. i then went back to the cicada and in one run alone i farmed 4 fish, 2 decent ones, 1 nice one and 1 tank at the head of the run. my timing is either off or these fish are just fucking with me. fished with jerry today  and the dry fly snob certainly farmed his share as well. the fishing was pretty damn good and it wasnt until the thunder started crackling and the rain started dmping that we called it a day. all in all the cicadas patterns did the most damage again.

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