Monday, August 14, 2017

A new area

Me and scott met at am and headed east to the mountains. we were hitting an area that neither of us had been to before, it did not disappoint. we started our hike around the lake at 7:15. the  stream looked great and once we rigged up with some hoppers we jumped on in. the fish didnt start making their presence known until about after the first hour and once they did the fishing never slowed down. a good portion of the day scott fished up one side and i, the other and it was none stop action. had we gone up there expecting big fish i think we would have been disappointed but most of the mountain streams are not littered with big fish so we got what we expected, 6-8 inch cutties and brookies with the bigger fish reaching 13 inches. we did land quite a variety though, brooks, cutts, a whitefish, a grayling, a cuttbow and a couple that scott thought were maybe tigers. i couldnt tell because they didnt look like tigers or brookies. we got back to the jeep at a little after 5. on our way out we selcted the scenic drive instead of the main road. it was a quite slow and very scenic and at one point we stopped, hiked up a hillside to a ridge to get a bit more even with the opposite ridge for some scenic shots.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A very quick trip

After work i drove to the river. was only there about 2 hours. moved a few fish that were a good 20 inches but only mustered 2 fish that were pushing maybe 17 inches. the water and weather were great.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Crystal Lake TH

Alanna was game for another hiking adventure. i gave her a few options of where to go and let her pick. it was not where i had planned on going originally but plans change sometimes. i had planned on leaving at 4am but ali asked for 3am, i compromised.  she said she wanted to be up there for some sunrise photos. we got up there in time for some sunrise photos but we werent in very good position where we were at. the search & rescue, sheriffs dept and volunteers had the trailhead blocked off to any further traffic due to an older man who had been missing for a few days so we had to park down the road a little ways. we finally left the jeep a little after six am and didnt get back to the jeep till almost that 8 and a half hours in the mountains we hiked to five different lakes and fished 3 of them. once again the fishing sucked though and the people traffic was heavy. as always it was still a good day.