Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Failed Attempt

I still haven't been able to get my daughter her first fish since she's been here in utah. we went out again but this time dbone joined us. the morning was slow with only one small fish landed. i really expected streamers to start off with a bang since we were hunting rainbows. around lunch time we decided to check out another river, which i wasn't really keen on but gave in anyway. still could not get shayne into them. after awhile shayne ran out of steam so went and took a nap in the jeep while me and dbone continued to fish. we each got into a small handful, most of which were small.

Streamers with Shayne

my daughter is here over turkey day break so ive been trying to get her on some fish with streamers but this time of year is always a challenge, unless you are nymphing eggs. unfortunately she has come out when i consider it the worst time of the year to fish around here. the browns spawning always puts a damper on the fishing for me. she did have a couple of opportunities but so far notta. i did manage a couple of small beat up fish though.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

At Least the Weather was good.

Me and scott took a little drive down the highway to get to some water. we got to the river at 8:30am and there were already 4 cars in the parking lot. i seriously thought maybe 1 if any, but was certainly surprised by that many. a couple of them looked like they might be duck hunters but we decided not to take a chance and headed downstream. were'nt on the water maybe a 1/2 hour and a couple of yahoos come walking up with their bubba waders and rapalas. they plopped in right above us so we proceeded to get up a head of them. they finally did disappear for a while but then showed up again later on and kind of hovered around us then walked off. they came over by us after they saw me release a fish mumbling about losing a rapala right where we were at. they finally left our sight for good. the weather was pretty good for a chilly november morning but the fishing was pretty slow.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not Your Average Brown

Myself, corey and dbone ventured out to try our hand on a lake. the morning was perfect for a november morning. it didn't take long though before the wind kicked up. it's such a bitch casting into that crap. the fishing did seem to pick up, ever so slowely, once the wind started to blow. i tried throwing streamers a couple of times through out the day but nothing was happening, i guess rainbows dont like to eat meatier meals like the browns do. nymphing proved to be the way to go. stat wise dbone put a hurting on corey and i but who was counting anyway?

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Motley Crew

Took a little trip with pat, scott and jake the other day. we fished hard and heavy. fishing was decent but not spectacular. we pounded the water pretty good. seems that the browns are thru with the spawn down there. there were absolutely no fish on the redds and we streamered a lot more browns then before.  all in all it was a fun day with some good company.