Monday, November 27, 2017

For a few hours

The wife had some stuff to do so i was able to disappear for a few. as i was working up river i ran into a land owner as he was checking his fences. a very nice old man who talked my ear off for about a half an hour. i fished up to a small river diversion. i did move a good number of fish on my streamer but only mustered 3. on the way out someones groceries were floating in the river so i loaded up the net with packs of carrots and ranch dressing, orange juice, chip bags, but i did not grab the cauliflower

Friday, November 24, 2017

A little reckon

headed down to the river for a short few to see if maybe the fish were off the redds yet. for the most part yes but there were still a couple on them. the river has gone thru some changes since the spawn started so there are

some new holes to fish

Monday, November 13, 2017

Uintas are done for the Year

Was hoping to get in one more fishing trip to the mountains before everything froze over. i picked a lower uinta elevation lake to up my chances of open water. looks like i was a weekend to late. after the long drive up the very rocky dirt road and a short hike in, i got there and the lake was froze over 100 percent. on the way in a came acrossed 2 sets of mountain lion tracks which put me on edge a little bit. i had a quick lunch then headed back to the jeep.  on the way back home i stopped by a more local lake and fished for about an hour with no love. the only positive on the day was that on the way out from the local lake i saw 7 bucks all along that road.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Long time no fish

Got a call from Jerry last week to fish, we hadn't fished together in a couple of years so it was good to see him again. we did some still water and although it wasn't spectacular, it wasn't terrible either. the wind was kickin from the  time we got out of the jeep to the time we got back in it. it made for some tough casting and made it awfully hard to to a hold of the line while stripping streamers. we both were rigged up with 2 rods, one with a streamer and sink line and the other for nymphing chironomids. the only one that produced was the streamers. we ended up with 10 fish to hand between the 2 of us and both had some missed opportunities as well. all in all is was a pretty decent day.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Chou in town

A friend brian chou came into town for his annual business trip and as always one day was set aside for fishing. dbone and matt joined us and we ventured out for some stillwater since the rivers around here are in spawn mode. we fished one lake till about 3 then drove over to another for the last couple of hours of light. the fishing was o.k. and everyone landed some fish. it was anenjoyable day and looking forward to next years visit.