Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A little road trip

Took a  little  drive to chase some cutties. it was a windy day but aside for that the weather was great. the fishing was very slow in the morning. i started with an articulated mouse which brought no lookers. i then switched to a streamer and after a couple of color changes i was able to move a few fish and finally landed one. shortly after i started hearing hoppers, around 10:30ish, i switched to a pink double chubby and yahtzee, the fish came alive. i spent a few hours getting into fish and then i switched back to the articulated mouse and landed a few cutts on the mouse as well. i bounced out at around 5pm and headed home. it was a pretty killer day. on the way back home saw a real nice buck and a really nice bull moose

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Back to the elevation

Picked up jerry at o'dark thirty. we took a drive to the north slope and fished one of my favorite little steams. the temps were great but it was pretty damn breezy. as unluck would have it, we did not catch a single fish. that was a 1st for me there. we then proceeded to drive over to a higher elevation lake and hiked in to a different lake. unfortunately we had the same misfortune. its always great to get into the great outdoors but the day pretty much sucked.

Friday, August 9, 2019

A shortened day

Me, matt and dakota took a drive up river and had planned to basically fish as far as we could. we got up quite aways getting into a decent amount of fish when we

all of a sudden ran into 2 people fishing right above us. the mustve had private property access cause their vehicle was parked on private property and right on the side of the river. we made the long walk back and then matt and dakota fished elsewhere while i just headed home.