Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A 5 lake day

I drove to the mountains solo over the weekend. as i was driving up i was still debating where i  was gonna go. i chose a new area with a lake that is supposed to contain some small goldens. i started there and hiked my way around 5 different lakes. i did not see a golden and between the 5 lakes, 2 of them seemed dead to me. one of them had substational depth to hold fish thru a normal winter but the other seeminly dead lake seemed like it would be a winter kill each year. 2 of the lakes held decent fish and 1 of them fished really well. all in all it was an enjoyable, peaceful 5 1/2 mile stroll capped off with a double burger and blackberry shake from polar king

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Headed East

All week i had in mind to hit a couple of Tiger Musky lakes out east but as the week went on my mind started to drift towards the higher elevation. by thursday i knew i had talked my self out of musky and into the mountains. this time of year the mountains tend to change my priorities, this time to chepeka and surrounding lakes.i went in search of cutties and 1 cuttie was all the cutties i could handle apparently. i did land a few small brookies as well, but those werent my intended targets. although i only landed 1 cutt, it was by far the most colorful i have ever caught. i did see a handful of critters

while i was u at 10,700ft.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

First hike of the season

Me and scott drove thru wyoming to get to the north slope, with the plan to hit a greyling lake. unfortuntely when we hiked to it it was still froze over. oh way, plan B had us over on the south slope playing with the little fish with a few got ones mixed in. of course didnt get any photos of the good ones.

Waters on the rise

The water is on the rise. it was bumped a bunch the other day, was 247 when we fished it, checked it again when i got home, it had bumped to 284, this morning was 320 something and this evening 413cfs. anyway, we moved a decent amount of fish but most were smaller and we only saw a few that were note worthy. we each caught a few.