Saturday, October 29, 2016


Me and jake headed out at the ass crack of dawn, we fished a smaller river first but it was slow and then we moved over to the bigger water and it proved to be slow as well. between the 2 waters it was a 4 fish day between us.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A visit from the pacific northwest

Brian Chou was in utah for a conference of some sort and like every year at this time he wanted to get out and see if he could get into some fish. unfortunately this time he was here late into october, wich is not a very good time for the browns around here since they are gearing up for the spawn. i told him not to expect much be we'd see if we could find some wiling to eat a streamer. we only saw one redd and no fish on it in the first section of water that we fished but we still couldnt find the fish. i managed 2 but that was it. after a lunch break we changed waters and changed flies, from streamers to mice. we got more action on the mouse but we couldnt find the big browns or the cutts. again i managed 2 fish and that was it. i was not a very good guide this trip but thats how it goes sometimes.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

2 timer

this morning i went out before work and fished a little piece that i only hit once this year, i threw streamers but only moved 2 fish. after work i caught the last hour of light and tried my luck with a mouse pattern. i had 8 boils but no eats. its getting down to the last week or two before things shut down for the spawn. will be time to go chase rainbows instead.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After football

i went out to check out the river since i had seen the flows finally came up a little. counted 14 opportunities to hook up but only mustered one fish. this was just in the first hole. sadly it kind of fizzled after that and i was only able to land 1 other fish. i was only on the river for a little less then an hour so 2 fish was just fine

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A motley crew

Myself, matt, dbone, drake and dbones grandson shane went after some pre spawn browns. the water was in perfect condition and instead of the mid fifties temps and the chance of light rain like the weather channel told me, it was pushing 70 and mostly sunny with zero rain.  it was a lot warmer then any of us expected but it made the day that much more pleasant. the fishing wasnt epic like i was hoping but it was just good enough to keep us entertained and content. we got a few fish on streamers but in some of the bigger holes, we also did some nymphing which ended up being the most productive way. dbones grandson shane, hadnt done a whole lot of fishing, so he tagged along and was able to land a few fish and did land his biggest trout to date, about 17 inches. after the long day on the river he was exhausted and wore out but he actually handled the long day really well. quite the trooper.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Broadhead lake

I read what little information there is about this lake a couple of years ago and it sounded intriguing. the hike was short, only about a mile, but had some steep sections and took us about an hour and a half. i was slowing us down cause i am so out of shape. on the way up we had to weave thru the elk hunters. the lake is a typical looking uinta lake with peaceful surroundings. i will say this about the lake, it has the least amount of fishable shoreline access out of all the uinta lakes ive fished. what i mean is is that most of the lake is extremely shallow along the shoreline with just a small section that is deep enough to fish and the bottom is very soft and mucky and you sink right in very quickly. scott packed in his little raft so he could cover more area but came away with less fish then me. it was a pretty short day and i dont see myself bothering with it again.