Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A visit from the pacific northwest

Brian Chou was in utah for a conference of some sort and like every year at this time he wanted to get out and see if he could get into some fish. unfortunately this time he was here late into october, wich is not a very good time for the browns around here since they are gearing up for the spawn. i told him not to expect much be we'd see if we could find some wiling to eat a streamer. we only saw one redd and no fish on it in the first section of water that we fished but we still couldnt find the fish. i managed 2 but that was it. after a lunch break we changed waters and changed flies, from streamers to mice. we got more action on the mouse but we couldnt find the big browns or the cutts. again i managed 2 fish and that was it. i was not a very good guide this trip but thats how it goes sometimes.

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