Sunday, October 16, 2016

A motley crew

Myself, matt, dbone, drake and dbones grandson shane went after some pre spawn browns. the water was in perfect condition and instead of the mid fifties temps and the chance of light rain like the weather channel told me, it was pushing 70 and mostly sunny with zero rain.  it was a lot warmer then any of us expected but it made the day that much more pleasant. the fishing wasnt epic like i was hoping but it was just good enough to keep us entertained and content. we got a few fish on streamers but in some of the bigger holes, we also did some nymphing which ended up being the most productive way. dbones grandson shane, hadnt done a whole lot of fishing, so he tagged along and was able to land a few fish and did land his biggest trout to date, about 17 inches. after the long day on the river he was exhausted and wore out but he actually handled the long day really well. quite the trooper.

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