Monday, May 19, 2014


What a morning on the river, one of the best i've ever had there. when i woke up i was kind of undecided on what i wanted to do, as far as where i was gonna fish. i had a doctors appt. this morning which i decided not to go to cause it would cut into my fishing time. i decided on my destination and as i was hoping, no one was there when i pulled in. in the first 1/2 hour i landed 2 fish that measured 19" and 1 that was 22".  the fishing never slowed down, i was railing fish after fish and one of the bigger fish happened to be the thickest fish i had ever landed there. it's funny to me that i almost packed it up to head elsewhere cause the water was high but i decided to stick with it. it wasn't real high but i thought it would be easier to fish elsewhere. it was a great morning not only due to the amount of fish but also the quality of fish. it was the best i'd seen it in a long long time. i only ended up being on the water for about 3hrs. cause i ran into someone on his way down. either he accessed the river illegally or he was one of the maintenance guys just doing a little fishing. i figured he parked along the highway and accessed by the railroad tressle but when i asked him about it he said he did not access there. i kind of think he was full of shit but who am i to say. when i came acrossed him i was actually getting close to being done. i wanted to get to a certain point but didn't quite make it. oh well it was a killer few hours.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Been a Minute....

Since me and pat have hooked up for some water work. it was a beautiful day on the water, even though pat got completely shut out. he didn't even move a single fish. pat is not accustomed to streamer fishing and unfortunately it showed today. he ties a mean streamer but just hardly ever fishes them. the water had come up quite a bit since last week but i still got into quite a few fish. the voodoo queen in rainbow and white with a dark green head was killin it today. the only real blemish on my day was towards the end of it. i was fighting a fish and making my way acrossed the river so pat could get some shots. i landed it took some pics and then decided was gonna cross again so i could continue pound the bank. i took a few steps in the water but thought that nope this is getting to deep. i was waist deep and made an attempt to get back on the shore and slipped, resulting in the current grabbing my legs and turning me feet first heading downstream. i floated down about 10 feet before i could finally stand up again. needless to say i was soaked, my camera and phone got a little wet but after a little bit still worked. pat was walking upstream along the bank when i took this fall and happen to turn around and said all he could see was the top of my back pack and was wondering where the rest of me was, before he realized i was swimming.

Friday, May 16, 2014


met up with dbone for some streamer chucking. big numbers were not caught but we certainly had our chances.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


After the rains yesterday had blown out the river i expected to show and up and head right back home but surprisingly the river had cleared up quite a bit and was well fish-able with some big meat. started with an orange/tan voodoo queen but i lost it to a mis-placed cast. switched to an olive/white version and the fishing started to pick up. landed a few  fish with it before it was also lost to a mis-placed cast. i was a ways up river before realizing i had left my net where i released my last fish. i walked about a 1/4 mile downstream but my net was not where it should've been. there was nobody on the river so i can only assume that after i pulled the fish out of the net that i did not get the net on the bank and it went down river and i did not even realize it. at that point i also realized that my forceps and come un-clamped from my pack. all little further up stream there is a new electric fence going acrossed the river. i new it was a hot wire but i wasn't sure if it was on and as i was fishing the hole right below where the fence crosses the river, saxon confirmed for me that the fence was hot. he brushed up against and let the world know that he did not like the results. during the walk back to my jeep i ripped my waders on some barbed wire, which just capped off the day nicely. i got to hold a few fish through out the day so it was all good.

Friday, May 9, 2014

More Rains

It rained all night and when i woke up, more rains. still i wanted to fish so i arraigned to meet a couple buddies. i was almost surprised to find the water still in good shape due to lower sections being high and really staind. the morning started off fast and furious, as far as getting into fish. i moved a few and lost one while dbone landed a nice fish. a right off the bat set back for matt, on his first cast with his 3 week old sage method rod, one of the sections snapped in half. good thing he brought a back up or as it would have it, he didn't need it cause about an hour into fishing we watched the river muddy right up, putting an end to our day.even most military things don't impress me anymore, these massive movements still do.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Full Days Work

Me and jake met up at 6am and headed to the water. when we arrived i was disappointed to see that the flows were up quite a bit and it's never fished well for me when the flows have been like that. we started with streamers but after that proved very unproductive we decided to go dirty and do some nymphing to see if our luck would change. we did manage a few fish but all smaller fish. we chose to pack up and head elsewhere. the 2nd option was looking perfect and fished much better then the 1st piece of water. we got into a few decent fish and overall had a much more productive day.