Friday, May 9, 2014

More Rains

It rained all night and when i woke up, more rains. still i wanted to fish so i arraigned to meet a couple buddies. i was almost surprised to find the water still in good shape due to lower sections being high and really staind. the morning started off fast and furious, as far as getting into fish. i moved a few and lost one while dbone landed a nice fish. a right off the bat set back for matt, on his first cast with his 3 week old sage method rod, one of the sections snapped in half. good thing he brought a back up or as it would have it, he didn't need it cause about an hour into fishing we watched the river muddy right up, putting an end to our day.even most military things don't impress me anymore, these massive movements still do.


  1. It's been a while since I checked out your page. Lots of great looking browns!