Monday, May 19, 2014


What a morning on the river, one of the best i've ever had there. when i woke up i was kind of undecided on what i wanted to do, as far as where i was gonna fish. i had a doctors appt. this morning which i decided not to go to cause it would cut into my fishing time. i decided on my destination and as i was hoping, no one was there when i pulled in. in the first 1/2 hour i landed 2 fish that measured 19" and 1 that was 22".  the fishing never slowed down, i was railing fish after fish and one of the bigger fish happened to be the thickest fish i had ever landed there. it's funny to me that i almost packed it up to head elsewhere cause the water was high but i decided to stick with it. it wasn't real high but i thought it would be easier to fish elsewhere. it was a great morning not only due to the amount of fish but also the quality of fish. it was the best i'd seen it in a long long time. i only ended up being on the water for about 3hrs. cause i ran into someone on his way down. either he accessed the river illegally or he was one of the maintenance guys just doing a little fishing. i figured he parked along the highway and accessed by the railroad tressle but when i asked him about it he said he did not access there. i kind of think he was full of shit but who am i to say. when i came acrossed him i was actually getting close to being done. i wanted to get to a certain point but didn't quite make it. oh well it was a killer few hours.