Saturday, May 10, 2014


After the rains yesterday had blown out the river i expected to show and up and head right back home but surprisingly the river had cleared up quite a bit and was well fish-able with some big meat. started with an orange/tan voodoo queen but i lost it to a mis-placed cast. switched to an olive/white version and the fishing started to pick up. landed a few  fish with it before it was also lost to a mis-placed cast. i was a ways up river before realizing i had left my net where i released my last fish. i walked about a 1/4 mile downstream but my net was not where it should've been. there was nobody on the river so i can only assume that after i pulled the fish out of the net that i did not get the net on the bank and it went down river and i did not even realize it. at that point i also realized that my forceps and come un-clamped from my pack. all little further up stream there is a new electric fence going acrossed the river. i new it was a hot wire but i wasn't sure if it was on and as i was fishing the hole right below where the fence crosses the river, saxon confirmed for me that the fence was hot. he brushed up against and let the world know that he did not like the results. during the walk back to my jeep i ripped my waders on some barbed wire, which just capped off the day nicely. i got to hold a few fish through out the day so it was all good.

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