Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Been a Minute....

Since me and pat have hooked up for some water work. it was a beautiful day on the water, even though pat got completely shut out. he didn't even move a single fish. pat is not accustomed to streamer fishing and unfortunately it showed today. he ties a mean streamer but just hardly ever fishes them. the water had come up quite a bit since last week but i still got into quite a few fish. the voodoo queen in rainbow and white with a dark green head was killin it today. the only real blemish on my day was towards the end of it. i was fighting a fish and making my way acrossed the river so pat could get some shots. i landed it took some pics and then decided was gonna cross again so i could continue pound the bank. i took a few steps in the water but thought that nope this is getting to deep. i was waist deep and made an attempt to get back on the shore and slipped, resulting in the current grabbing my legs and turning me feet first heading downstream. i floated down about 10 feet before i could finally stand up again. needless to say i was soaked, my camera and phone got a little wet but after a little bit still worked. pat was walking upstream along the bank when i took this fall and happen to turn around and said all he could see was the top of my back pack and was wondering where the rest of me was, before he realized i was swimming.

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