Sunday, April 16, 2017

Getting after them

Still not sure what to expect on our local waters with run off still going on. most everything is still really high and murky and occasionally the flows will be dropped in a particular section but it will still be muddy. i drove to 3 different sections the other day and did find one that i hadnt fished in over a year the the flows were up but the water clarity was good. i had only planned on fishing for maybe a couple of hours but with each bend there continued to be good looking water above so it was hard to stop. the fishing was fairly slow. i did get into a dozen or so fish and managed to land 3 of them. a white streamer got a little attention but when i switched to olive it picked up.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A full day on the water

Logun and Aaron were in town for the fly fishing or tying expo, cant remember which. the 3 of us and dbone went to try our hand at some stillwater. the wind cooked all day and for the first hour and a half it poured on us, making a very cold morning. after the rain finally stopped the sun, mixed with some clouds, blessed us for the rest of the day. unfortunately the wind did not let up. dbone had to leave early and shortly after he left we chose to move on since the lake hadnt produced anything for almost 2 hours. we made the drive to some moving water to finish out our day. we all got into some fish but i ended up with the only catch. it was the first time meeting aaron, he's a stand up dude.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Back at it with the streamers

After work i headed to the river. the flows dropped pretty low but the last time i had checked it was to muddy. well its still murky but fishable. it wasnt spectacular but i did get into a few fish and landed 3. i fished an olive/yellow voodoo queen for the couple of hours that i was there.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some stillwater.......

4 of us hooked up at 4am and headed out to check out some stillwater that iced off. the fishing was ok, although matt was killing it. the 1st half of the day the weather was gorgeous and then at about 1pm the wind picked up and didnt stop the rest of the day. it didnt kill the fishing though, but didnt improve it either. we finally got done a little after 6pm. i was having some camera issues so the pictures suck.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A very short day

Our rivers are extremely high here, but one small stream, although very high, looked fishable. on the walk to the river i kicked up a flock of turkeys who eventually took flight to get away from me. crossing the river was a little tricky but certainly doable. i caught 2 fish right off the bat but soon ran into a no fishing sign which i hadnt noticed before. i have fished up thru there for years but decided i didnt want to deal with a potential run in with a land owner so i just decided to head back to the jeep and call it. the guy i know that lets me access the river thru his property has hounds and one of his hounds had killed a raccoon and was using it as his chew toy. the hound had a helluva time getting the fur out of his mouth

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

South of the border

me and dbone drove south of the border to fish some different non flooded waters. the temps actually werent to bad if it wasnt for the miserable wind all damn day. the wind did not let up at all. the fishing was ok with both of us getting into a handful of fish. the day was worth the drive for sure