Saturday, February 4, 2017

The first warm day..

Today felt just like a nice warm spring day. got to the river at about 8am and was back at my jeep right at 2pm. the fishing was decent, caught a few, lost a few and missed a few, a mixed bag. the biggest fish i caught had a nice little groove wore in the top of its head. the fish were non existant for about the first 2hrs, then i starting getting into a few. the weather got super nice and the temps really warmed up, i had heard about 48 degrees. the only bummer to the day was tredging thru the snow all the way back to the jeep. i was sweating so bad then had to drive home in my cold sweat.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A tying demo and some fishing

Myself and dbone were invited to come do a tying demo at the Snakeriver fly shop, in Pocatello, Idaho. it was a fun little gig and we had a really good time meeting and bullshitting with some people. we ended up crashing with a friend of dbones at his house. the next morning we got up and headed to the river with the hopes of getting into some big fish. the river did not disappoint. even with the single digit temps. the fish were biting. we only landed a few really nice fish but it was worth the freeze.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All day with Dbone

Met dbone at his house at 0730 and from there we made the trek to the river with hopes that it would be open enough to fish. although it was choked up with ice pretty well it was good enough for us. the weather started off not to bad, pushing 30 degrees but no wind. there were no fish to be had all day with only a couple of fish seen. once the wind finally did start to pick up the temps really seemed to drop and at that point it was time to call it a day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A big change in water

I'm on the river for about an hour, the water is great with about 5ft of vis. I get to a certain hole and fish up to the middle to a point where it gets deep. walk back down about 30yds and cross. walk around to the top of the hole and in a matter of the 5 minutes that it took, all of a sudden the river came up, was brown, big chunks of ice and other debris floating down. that turned to shit real quickly.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Frigid Temp's.

Dbone picked me up at 4:30am and during the drive up the fog and the icy roads got bad enough that when we finally reached our destination, Dbone was pale white and when he stepped out of the truck he puked his guts out, he kept talking about vertigo. it messed him up bad enough that he sat in the truck for about 3hrs and eventually had to catch up to us on the river. the high was supposed to be around 30 degrees but it hovered around single digits all day. there was a pretty thick fog that blanketed the river all day as well. between the fog, snow, frost and quality fishing there were plenty of photo ops to be had.