Monday, September 18, 2017

First fall hike of the year

Took a solo trip to the mountains for some fresh air and cardio, well and of course fishing. it snowed the night before so there was a small layer on the ground and the chill that occompanied the snow will take some getting used to. i think wet wading is over for the year. it took me 2hrs to get to the first lake i was gonna fish. i managed a few nice brookies out of the lake but man my fingers hurt so damn bad from the cold. i need to start remembering my gloves i guess. after i fished around it i continued up the trail to the next lake, although i had hoped to see all the lakes, that did not happen as the 2nd lake was the largest and just ran out of time. the 2nd lake surrendered a few tiger trout, a couple of them were real nice, and a cuttie. i did see a few other hikers passing by but other then those few, it was extremely quiet and peaceful in the area. my back and shoulders were on fire and i didnt have enough pain pills so i pulled chocks at 2:04

pm and made my way back to the trailhead

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My first on a fly rod

Went out for about an hour and a half and managed to land 1 cat fish. my first ever cat on a fly rod.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A day with the fellas

Matt picked me up at 6am and from there we made the drive over to meet Dbone.  we parked Matts truck at the bridge and we piled into Dbones truck and headed down river. the water was still pretty low but it apparently was still fishing good. unfortunately for us the fishing was not very good, i mean, weve had worse days but i think between the 3 of us we only landed maybe 6 fish.  on the plus side, we did run into a couple of kokanee salmon, which none of us had ever heard of in this river and matt did land a sweet brown that measured right at 25 inches. those were the highlights of the day.

Monday, August 14, 2017

A new area

Me and scott met at am and headed east to the mountains. we were hitting an area that neither of us had been to before, it did not disappoint. we started our hike around the lake at 7:15. the  stream looked great and once we rigged up with some hoppers we jumped on in. the fish didnt start making their presence known until about after the first hour and once they did the fishing never slowed down. a good portion of the day scott fished up one side and i, the other and it was none stop action. had we gone up there expecting big fish i think we would have been disappointed but most of the mountain streams are not littered with big fish so we got what we expected, 6-8 inch cutties and brookies with the bigger fish reaching 13 inches. we did land quite a variety though, brooks, cutts, a whitefish, a grayling, a cuttbow and a couple that scott thought were maybe tigers. i couldnt tell because they didnt look like tigers or brookies. we got back to the jeep at a little after 5. on our way out we selcted the scenic drive instead of the main road. it was a quite slow and very scenic and at one point we stopped, hiked up a hillside to a ridge to get a bit more even with the opposite ridge for some scenic shots.