Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Berry is Running Low

A couple of summers ago at this time there was a lot more water and the fish were of a much bigger size. maybe it is a low water year for colorado as well as utah cause the creek was only at about 7cfs and the fish, what fish there were were considerably smaller. my daughter came along this time so i was happy to see her catch some fish. would've been nicer had they been a bit larger but maybe next time.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Driving Thru Colorado

On my way to see my kids in colorado i made three different short stops to wet a fly and when i say short i mean about 15-20 minutes at each spot. first was the white river, in the meeker area. there i chucked a tannish streamer and landed one brown and, i believe, a pikeminnow. next stop was in eagle and i threw the same streamer thru a couple of runs on the eagle river. did not even see a move. i continued to make my was east and made a stop at the copper mtn ponds. i have had some success there before but didn't do worth a damn this time. next time i'm going to concentrate on the creek there, i believe 10 mile creek. i did move some decent fish in there.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tis the Season

It's that time of year again where i start making my way into the higher elevation lakes, but usually it's for the brookies. this time i was invited to go up and fish for some boneville cutts in a nice valley setting. jerry wasn't really expecting to see anyone up there but when we arrived there were already several pontoons and float tubes on this small lake. as we drove up we could see fish rising every where. we started with small dries but were having minimal to no success, me being the no part of the success. jerry did land a nice fish in the 16" range and i had to switch to stripping a small soft hackle to get off the shnide. as the day progressed and we moved down the bank aways, it seemed as though the fish were done top side so i switched to a small minnow type pattern that was all flash. for the next couple of hours it was lights out for me, landing fish after fish, but of course i couldn't seal the deal on a fraction of the fish that were badgering my pattern. we took a break from the lake and drove to a near by lake but that proved to be un-eventful, in fact when we drove back to lake #1, it proved to be un-eventful the rest of our time there. it is bow season so the bow hunters were out in force and i found it humerous that as we left the lake to go home there was a 3x3 mulie and his woman standing just off the dirt road eating. now if i was up there with my bow i know i would not have seen that buck.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Fun

I managed to get my wife out today as well as ali playing hookie from day care. originally i had planned on one piece of water but while on our way i decided on another piece but when i got there someone had just started fishing there. that's what i get for getting a late start. all was not lost cause option 'C' worked out like a champ. today i was determined to hand over my rod to ali when i hooked a fish and got the line on the reel. i did this several times and she did pretty damn well, at least for a 4 year old. i told her, whatever you do, do not let go of the rod and so even when she fell on her ass while fighting a fish, she did not let go of the rod. she had a blast landing, holding and releasing the fish. i tried to get michelle in on the action, but she wasn't interested today. it was a short few hours, but i got into a good amount of fish and had a good time with my wife and niece. i know ali got her fill cause within 5 minutes of leaving the river she was out like a light.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Unity with the Universe"

The Hopper Juan: "Unity with the Universe": Do me a favor.  Take 15 or so minutes to read this article.  It's a great read and offers so much to fly fishers and anyone who loves fl...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bullwinkle and a Beetle

While driving up and down the river trying to decide the section i was going to fish i noticed this nice bull moose standing in the brush off the road so i pulled over and grabbed my camera. i got as close as i dared, maybe 20 yards and took some shots until some other passers by saw what i was taking a picture of and then they got out. at that point i decided enough was enough for me. i decided on a section to fish and caught a couple of fish right of the bat with a bettle pattern then the fishing for some reason completely shut off. i did talk to a land owner afterwards and got permission to access his property whenever, so that was cool.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Next Generation

I took my 4 year old niece out to a small river to get her some water time under her belt. i was hoping to get her the opportunity to fight a fish but the water just wasn't right where i caught the fish, meaning the water was to rough. she was happy just to hold and release the fish so it's a start. maybe next time she will get a chance to fight some. a streamer was the ticket today. moved and hit quite a few fish but like most outings i only landed a few of them. the weather was perfectly sunny and warm.