Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Fun

I managed to get my wife out today as well as ali playing hookie from day care. originally i had planned on one piece of water but while on our way i decided on another piece but when i got there someone had just started fishing there. that's what i get for getting a late start. all was not lost cause option 'C' worked out like a champ. today i was determined to hand over my rod to ali when i hooked a fish and got the line on the reel. i did this several times and she did pretty damn well, at least for a 4 year old. i told her, whatever you do, do not let go of the rod and so even when she fell on her ass while fighting a fish, she did not let go of the rod. she had a blast landing, holding and releasing the fish. i tried to get michelle in on the action, but she wasn't interested today. it was a short few hours, but i got into a good amount of fish and had a good time with my wife and niece. i know ali got her fill cause within 5 minutes of leaving the river she was out like a light.

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