Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tis the Season

It's that time of year again where i start making my way into the higher elevation lakes, but usually it's for the brookies. this time i was invited to go up and fish for some boneville cutts in a nice valley setting. jerry wasn't really expecting to see anyone up there but when we arrived there were already several pontoons and float tubes on this small lake. as we drove up we could see fish rising every where. we started with small dries but were having minimal to no success, me being the no part of the success. jerry did land a nice fish in the 16" range and i had to switch to stripping a small soft hackle to get off the shnide. as the day progressed and we moved down the bank aways, it seemed as though the fish were done top side so i switched to a small minnow type pattern that was all flash. for the next couple of hours it was lights out for me, landing fish after fish, but of course i couldn't seal the deal on a fraction of the fish that were badgering my pattern. we took a break from the lake and drove to a near by lake but that proved to be un-eventful, in fact when we drove back to lake #1, it proved to be un-eventful the rest of our time there. it is bow season so the bow hunters were out in force and i found it humerous that as we left the lake to go home there was a 3x3 mulie and his woman standing just off the dirt road eating. now if i was up there with my bow i know i would not have seen that buck.

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  1. Haha, that's funny about the buck. Nice fishies too.