Friday, August 9, 2013

Old but New

Was able to fish with corey kruitbosch after about a year and a half. we used to fish together quite a bit but between his job and me being out of the country for a year it just wasn't happening. we got off to a pretty late start and when we arrived at the water there were quite a few anglers. the 2 spots i wanted to focus on already had anglers in them so we went lower. as soon as we parked a storm came in and it started dumping rain and continued to rain for about an hour. the only good thing about it was short;y after the rains started we could see car driving away. we started with streamers and managed a few between us. after the rains stopped we saw a few risers so we went top side which also produced some nicer fish. later in the afternoon we had a few hints of sun and the rains completely stopped. in the last couple of hours we were there we switched to mice and although we didn't hook anything on them it was exciting to see some of the beastly explosions on those mice. it was a long, cold and enjoyable day.

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