Thursday, August 21, 2014

Got into a Few Today

After dropping off my sister in law i went to the river to see if i could conjure anything up. as i figured there is still a ton of vegetation growth but there are some runs, holes and slots where you can strip a streamer thru. the afternoon started off a bit slow but gradually picked up. the fish were average except for a couple. i hooked into one that was one of the girthiest, heavy and stout fish i had ever hooked into there. had him on for the whole fight but when i went to scoop him he wouldn't stay in the net and he spit the hook. that one was a heart breaker. shortly after that i hooked into one in a shallow run that was a also a slab and as soon as i set the hook he erupted and i heard 'SNAP'. i thought at first my rod busted but instead he had busted off my streamer. that never happens to me on a fish. it ended up being a pretty decent day.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Trout Tri-Fecta

was supposed to hook up with scott today around noon but he had to bail at the last minute. i was only able to fish for a couple of hours since the wife is making me go to a concert so i had to be back early. the fishing was slow but i got into a few good fish. ended up catching three different species of trout, browns, a tiger and some cutts. hoppers and beetles both worked.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

10,020 ft.

My boss jason is a born and raised  utahn but had never been on a little back packing trip in the uintas. i offered him to join me on a short jaunt. it was only about a 2 mile hike in. he is an avid hunter so is in the woods at certain times of the year but was exceptionally excited about this hike-in fishing excursion. he was genuinally excited about everything, the drive to the trailhead, the hike, the meadow we came to and the view from the top. the bonus was him being able to get into a couple of fish. even though the fishing sucked he was stoked. a storm kept teasing us all day but managed to go around us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Checked out some water i haven't fished in a while. still a lot of vegetation growth in the river but the water was actually up a little. the water was slow and wide but i still got into a lot of fish and a lot of big fish. i moved one in a shallow hole that i know was 24-25". in fact it moved on me a second time and when i saw my streamer disappear i thought that fish ate but i felt nothing. that one really bummed me out. it was all streamers today for the most part but i did throw a hopper and a beetle for a little bit with no success. a part of the river has taken on a new course again thanks to a tractor. i've seen the river altered in this area a few times before. the new course is actually the course it had about 4-5 years ago.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Plan 'C'

I hooked up with corey and one of his co-workers with plans to go hit the ranch. we showed up just to be disappointed. the rains the night before muddied up the water to the point where it wasn't really fishable. we tried to get to plan 'B' but the dirt roads were to muddy and slick for coreys new truck that still had road tires on them. we figured it would be best to make the drive over to plan 'C' and hope for the best. the best is what we got cause the river was in great shape. we all chucked streamers of different flavors but the day started off a bit slow. we really didn't start fishing until around noon so we got at it a bit late. eventually though the fish finally came out to play. the fishing never really slowed once it got going. although there were some real slabs that were lost all the 'bows' that were landed were of the 17" variety or somewhere in that size range. i did manage to land a couple of nice browns. we ended up stretching our day to the max, not walking off the water till after dark. except for a little bit of rain and our first water of choice being un-fishable, it turned out to be a pretty damn nice day.