Monday, August 11, 2014

Plan 'C'

I hooked up with corey and one of his co-workers with plans to go hit the ranch. we showed up just to be disappointed. the rains the night before muddied up the water to the point where it wasn't really fishable. we tried to get to plan 'B' but the dirt roads were to muddy and slick for coreys new truck that still had road tires on them. we figured it would be best to make the drive over to plan 'C' and hope for the best. the best is what we got cause the river was in great shape. we all chucked streamers of different flavors but the day started off a bit slow. we really didn't start fishing until around noon so we got at it a bit late. eventually though the fish finally came out to play. the fishing never really slowed once it got going. although there were some real slabs that were lost all the 'bows' that were landed were of the 17" variety or somewhere in that size range. i did manage to land a couple of nice browns. we ended up stretching our day to the max, not walking off the water till after dark. except for a little bit of rain and our first water of choice being un-fishable, it turned out to be a pretty damn nice day.

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