Thursday, August 21, 2014

Got into a Few Today

After dropping off my sister in law i went to the river to see if i could conjure anything up. as i figured there is still a ton of vegetation growth but there are some runs, holes and slots where you can strip a streamer thru. the afternoon started off a bit slow but gradually picked up. the fish were average except for a couple. i hooked into one that was one of the girthiest, heavy and stout fish i had ever hooked into there. had him on for the whole fight but when i went to scoop him he wouldn't stay in the net and he spit the hook. that one was a heart breaker. shortly after that i hooked into one in a shallow run that was a also a slab and as soon as i set the hook he erupted and i heard 'SNAP'. i thought at first my rod busted but instead he had busted off my streamer. that never happens to me on a fish. it ended up being a pretty decent day.

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