Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beetle Mania

Was thinking that being middle of the week there would be few people around the river. don't these damn people work?! go to a point in the river where it was tuber after tuber running right through good water. saw fish rising right off the bat in the slow water, i probably should've put something small on but instead i went hopper with a beetle trailer. got no looks so i probably just scared the shit out of them, i kept seeing them race down and by me. it wasn't till i got up quite aways before i started getting looks. the beetle was getting 95% of the attention, i think i only had 2 hits on a hopper all day. for awhile i switched up to a beetle with an ant and it was still the beetle getting some lovin'. there was a long lull in the fish activity but towards the ned of the day when i hit some nice pocket water it started heating up for me,

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