Monday, August 12, 2013

A Birthday Outing

Got invited to fish on my birthday so of course i said yes. i picked up corey and dave at 7am and by 10am we were making the hike to our starting point. the bigger dries really did not seem to be putting out like they should've so we went smaller and that seemed to help out a bunch. we fished our way up this beautiful meadow stream for a number of hours until early evening was making it's presence felt and at that time we fished our way back down stream throwing some small type streamers. on the way down we picked up some pretty nice cutts including one that i caught that when i landed it, it had not only my streamer in the corner of it's mouth but a stonefly nymph sitting right on it's tongue and about a 4"

sculpin lodged in it's throat. that's the first time i've caught a fish with other fish in it's mouth. pretty cool to see. it was dusk by the time we got through the canyon and we alll switched to mice. none of us got anything with mice but we did move and hit some fish with them. it was pretty dark by the time i was bushwacking my way off the river and to my jeep and while doing so i snapped the tip section of my rod while working my way through the thick shit. although that sucked the day ended up being pretty good. finally made it home at almost 1am.

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