Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Toothy Ones

Getting kind of wore out on fishing the local rivers for trout all the time so me and dbone headed to the lake. we weren't picky on what we caught, bass or tiger musky. dbone had spotted this musky chilln right off shore but after a couple of casts at him dbone snagged up on some shit so he told me to jump in there. it wasn't much of a take or a fight but it was the first one of season so i'm happy with that. this guy had an upper lip that was shorter then it's lower and some bug eyes to go with it. not the prettiest specimen that's for sure. earlier in the day as we were walking the shoreline was saw a wake in the shallows up ahead. i figured it was a carp milling around in the shallow mud but it was a nice musky that was chasing around a smaller fish (bout 15"). as dbone got closer to make a cast at it, it cruised out of sight, then right after this smaller fish started heading towards the deep but it didn't get more then a few feet and that musky came racing back at it. that musky was going all out for that fish and after some intense mud wrestling the musky came out with that other fish sitting sideways in the musky's mouth. we got to watch that musky slowly retreat to the depth with it's meal lodged in it's teeth. pretty sweet to watch.


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