Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Broadhead lake

I read what little information there is about this lake a couple of years ago and it sounded intriguing. the hike was short, only about a mile, but had some steep sections and took us about an hour and a half. i was slowing us down cause i am so out of shape. on the way up we had to weave thru the elk hunters. the lake is a typical looking uinta lake with peaceful surroundings. i will say this about the lake, it has the least amount of fishable shoreline access out of all the uinta lakes ive fished. what i mean is is that most of the lake is extremely shallow along the shoreline with just a small section that is deep enough to fish and the bottom is very soft and mucky and you sink right in very quickly. scott packed in his little raft so he could cover more area but came away with less fish then me. it was a pretty short day and i dont see myself bothering with it again.

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