Sunday, November 16, 2014

At Least the Weather was good.

Me and scott took a little drive down the highway to get to some water. we got to the river at 8:30am and there were already 4 cars in the parking lot. i seriously thought maybe 1 if any, but was certainly surprised by that many. a couple of them looked like they might be duck hunters but we decided not to take a chance and headed downstream. were'nt on the water maybe a 1/2 hour and a couple of yahoos come walking up with their bubba waders and rapalas. they plopped in right above us so we proceeded to get up a head of them. they finally did disappear for a while but then showed up again later on and kind of hovered around us then walked off. they came over by us after they saw me release a fish mumbling about losing a rapala right where we were at. they finally left our sight for good. the weather was pretty good for a chilly november morning but the fishing was pretty slow.

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