Friday, July 12, 2013

The Sarge does me Proud Again

Myself and a friend of mine headed over to some of his home waters to fling on a piece that i only fished once a few years back but have fond memories of. we got off to a late start but it was all good as the top water stuff generally doesn't seem to start picking up till the sun comes up anyway. we got to the river at about 9:30 and unfortunately so did another guy as we were gearing up. we were hoping he would just go somewhere else since we were already parked at that spot but we were not so lucky. we quickly finished and the proceeded to hike down stream a couple of miles. we were hoping that he would fish up since we were going down but not sure if he did or not since about half way of fishing back up the fish kind of gave us the finger, almost as if someone had already fished over them. anyway, once we started fishing up the fish were pretty cooperative with chris chucking some sort of stone/hopper pattern and myself throwing a sgt. slaughter cicada. once again the sarge was in solid form, nailing fish after fish. the weather was not quite what i was expecting with it being over cast and somewhat cool out, with a slight sprinkle from time to time. i was hoping to get some shots of some cicadas but neither heard or saw any. it was a good mixture of cutts and browns with chris also catching 1 rainbow. we didn't get into any of the bigger fish in there but it was still a blast with the fish ranging from 7-17 inches.

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