Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Lipper and the Toothy One

Wanted to get on the lake before the boaters tore the place up. got alanna up early and dropped her off at daycare, then headed to the lake. fished a cove i hadn't fished before and right off the bat i landed a small smallie. within a half hour of that i released my first tiger musky of the year. unfortunately that was all the catching that i did this morning. i did hook into another, i assume musky due to the weight that i felt, but one quick shake and it was off. had a couple more follows and that was all she wrote. i did land a beer can and after i set the hook i thought this fish is a slug but kept waiting for it to realize it was hooked and take off, but it's funny how a can will not do that. the deer flies were out in force but other then that i chalked it up to a pretty good day.

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