Sunday, July 14, 2013

Phenomenal Day

Pat had to bail cause he got called into to work, jake was hung over so the day ended up being just me and scott. worked out just fine cause that meant more fish for the 2 of us. we fished for 6hrs and only until about 12:30 and had a better day then usually we'll have in 2 or 3 outings. we both threw a sgt. slaughter all day and nothing else. weather wise it was mostly cloud cover with a few small breaks with some sun. it looked like a storm was coming in and it was accompanied by thunder so we decided to cut the day short but it was all good with the day that we already had. it was a day filled with some nice browns and beautiful cutts. i also caught 2 brookies, which we didn't know existed in that water. i love small water

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