Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Found Some Clear Water

After all the rain we had this weekend i wasn't sure about finding some fishable water. dbone had fished yesterday and said that all the moving water they drove by had blown out from the rains. well i did manage to find a piece that was still clear. i got to the river before dbone so i fished a higher section for about an hour and got into a good amount of fish on a white sex parakeet streamer. when dbone text me that he was getting close i packed it up and headed to meet him. the fishing started off slow but really started to pick up around noonish. we got into a few nice fish before dbone hooked in to an absolute tank, we got a really good look at his buttery goodness size when  he came flying out of the water. during the short fight dbones fly line got tangled around his reel and reel seat and the slab snapped off the streamer. that was tough to watch and even tougher for dbone. after a few more fish he roped into another pig. this one was a little smaller ten the one he lost but it was still the best all around fish i've ever seen come out of that water. around 23" and/but the girth was insane. it was a very impressive fish. i was taking some pics for him with his camera when i felt the cold chill of the river working its way down my waders. i had got real low to the water to get the shot i wanted but ended up getting to low and of course my camera had to be tucked in my waders and ended up getting wet. my camera was done for the day after that. i really wanted some pics of that fish but unfortunately never got a chance to get any with my camera. hopefully it will be working tommorrow for some brookies.

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