Saturday, October 4, 2014

Irrigation Season is Over

We had high hopes after our last outing out there but the night before we fished the irrigation water had been redirected into the river which made for high and off color flows. it was even higher sometime thru the night cause you could see on the shoreline where the water had receded 10-15 ft. i blame the water flux within 24hrs before we fished it, for the shabby fishing. myself and dbone  each caught one fish and that about summed up the day. oh well shit happens.


  1. I frequent your blog, but never post - but wanted you to know that I love your photos and stories about the browns you catch and love seeing the meat hanging from their lips. I'm jealous, wish I was close enough to hammer some big browns on regularity. I need to get out to Utah and fish - haven't been out there yet.

  2. thanks brandon. i fish out there every once in awhile