Thursday, June 5, 2014

It Was an Adventure

So we took a gamble on a high elevation lake since our snow fall wasn't much this year. once we got to the trailhead we realized that we were in trouble. there was still way to much snow and we figured that the lake was probably still frozen, so there was no sense in making that hike. we decided to drive to one of the lower elevation lakes figuring we'd be good there. the dirt road to the trailhead was about 8 miles. at about 7 miles we got stuck in some snow that was still on the road. after about an hour and a half we were free and soon ran into another patch of snow. instead of potentially getting stuck again we chose to hike to the lake from there. the hike took us 2 and a half hours and once we finally made it to the top where the lake is, it was still frozen, except for one small chunk of open water at the outlet. that was quite a hike to be disappointed like that, but that the chance you take at those elevations in early june. well since we hiked all that way we weren't about to let that little patch of open water go to waste. we fished for roughly 45 minutes and i ended up with the only fish, a tiger trout of about 14 inches. i had only fished that lake once and that was a couple of falls ago and aside from 1 cutthroat it was all brookies so that tiger caught me by surprise. anyway after our handful of casts we made our way back to the jeep. and ended the day with a couple of beers and a fat boy burger. our gamble did not quite pay off but will try it again in a few weeks.

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