Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finishing Strong

the morning started off very slow, which was unexpected. also unexpected was the fact that a vacuum cleaner and a large wheel were both in the middle of this typically clean stream about 70 yards apart from each other. they should not have been in the stream period but there was no logical explanation why they were in that area. i started with a purple haze, maybe it was about early in the day, but couldn't move a fish on it. went to a streamer and got into a few. finally after throwing dries a second time i eventually started getting into some fish. i think the funnest part of my day was spotting a fish in the shallows, watched him eat something off the top then go thru my progressions and finally getting him to take my offering. he turned on my green drake, but didn't eat, then i threw on a purple haze, same thing, he turned on it and that was it. next up was a skwala dry and it looked like he was going to eat that one but turned off at the last minute. finally 2 casts with a small deer hair caddis and he was having his photo taken. it was cool to watch. although it was not a stellar day i did finish strong, at least compared to my start.

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