Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camping and a little fishing

Myself and Austin went and got our campsite thursday morning. we didn't get the one we were eye balling the day before but it all worked out. the rest of the family was not due in till friday night so it was just the 2 of us until then. i was just happy to get him off the computer and xbox game for a few days and was surprised that he actually had fun out there in the woods and all. once we got the tents set up we set up a couple of chairs in the river and sat in the nice cold water with some nice cold beverages for a bit, then as i watched the river, i started to see a couple of fish rising. i grabbed my rod which was already rigged up and plopped a  tandem dry rig and pulled one of them risers to shore. the others i could not even get to move. the next day at around noon i wanted to fish a small but reliable section so we drove down river and hit the water. i started off with a couple of 13" range browns on a tan/pink hopper and then couldn't hardly even move a fish after that. after a bit i found out why the fishing was sucking so bad, we caught up to a couple of different anglers. i was surprised and pissed as i've never seen another soul fishing that stretch before. austin was having fun swimming in all the holes behind me as i was done fishing them but when i suggested we try somewhere else to fish/swim he was not feeling it so we just went back to camp and soaked up the sun while perched in our chairs in the river. each evening after that i would see a riser or 2 at our camp but i couldn't work any magic.

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