Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dbone and his boy Drake

I got a chance to fish with dbone (again) and meet his son drake. drake is a good kid who is still learning the ropes of fly fishing. his skillz are still in the beginning stages but he can still catch fish so he's doin alright. once again we had anticipated a stellar day but it fell short of our pre-mature expectations, at least my expectations, but mine i think are usually higher then they should be. streamers again were pretty unproductive been  dries got quite a bit of love. drake was catching a few on a tan hopper and me and dbone were having decent success with a deer hair caddis. the caddis pulled 2 real nice fish and a fair amount of other fish. today was a good mix of browns and cutts. i think cutties always provide some extra bonus points. today was a good mix of stones, green drakes and caddis popping off. just like yesterday the wind wrecked havoc on us, which is especially brutal when throwing a tandom rig. it was nice to see drake land some fish, but i feel it's always nice when the kids are properly entertained like that.

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