Friday, June 21, 2013

Sick or Not..........

The clan had plans to go camping tonight thru sunday but myself and michelle became sick last night so michelle was not up for camping, neither was i but i still would've gone. scott had sent me an invite to fish with him today, earlier in the week, but the family had plans so i declined, but with the camping canceled i took scott up on his invite. unless i'm throwing up i'm always down for some fishing. when we reached our water of choice the cicadas were in full serenade, which changed my mind from starting with streamers to throwing on a sgt slaughter in cicada colors. i got a few rises to the cicada but no hook-ups. i don't know if the fish weren't quite committed or if my timing was a little off on setting a dry fly. scott was throwing meat with any sort of love. there were quite a few golden stones chillin in the grass and bushes and saw some dancing on the water but did not see a single rise at them. i had contemplated throwing a stone dry but with the lack of interest the fish were showing in them i chose to go with a purple haze instead. that decision was the one to get me off the shnide. while i only landed 2 fish, scott went from streamers, nymphs, to dries, to streamers again with no luck. i eventually switched to streamers as well and between the 2 of us we could only get a few chasers.

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