Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back on the Slope

I took boy wonder jr. (step-son) out for some fly fishing training to a favorite fall lake. unfortunately the lake was pretty full which brought the shoreline right against the trees. i should've known better but figured with the low snow pack that the lake might've been a bit lower. during the fall obviously the lake is quite low which provides ample casting room. we did the best we could and need less to say he still needs a lot of work. unfortunately he is easily discouraged but hopefully he will try and stick with it. we didn't spend much time there as the optimism wasn't there either. we drove around and only i ended up fishing a couple of small rivers. he lost interest. between 3 different pieces of water i muster a handful of small brookies and a small grayling on an olive bugger and then switched small dries on the last piece of moisture but could only conjure a handful of small cutties. it was enjoyable for the most part none the less.

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