Friday, June 14, 2013

Good Company makes for a Good Day

Even if the fishing is tough, good company makes up for the lack of fish. i got invited to fish with collin, dbone and thad.  thad i had never met before and as it turned out is a cool kat. thad is one of the Motiv fly fishing guys. we fished a certain stretch of river till about 1ish with minimal success. the flows were up which allowed the fish to spread out more so they were a little tougher to tag. everyone got into a few there, even i eventually got one. after a quick snack/lunch we drove elsewhere, somewhere that i had only fished once or twice. there were a good amount of caddis popping off but very few risers. everyone i think was rigged with a dry or a dry/dropper set up, but i was not convinced on that rig so i went streamer. i missed two really nice fish. dbone was the only one to land a fish there and it was a dandy that he caught on a his pat's rubber leg stone dropper. the fish was made famous then released shortly after. the wind kicked our asses for most of the day but other then that it was a pleasant day and good company always plays a big part in making for a good day.

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