Saturday, July 1, 2017

Plan B

I was gonna hit a recently water level dropped section of the river but my buddy matt had said that he was getting off a few hours before and was gonna hit it. i didnt want to fish a section that was pounded by someone that i know knows what hes doing so i selected a plan B to fish instead. im glad it worked out that way cause my day turned out much better then theres. i went up a lot further then i had since the water had finally dropped and of course after 3 months of flooding the river had definately made some changes. some good holes arent what they used to be and there were some new holes that produced really well. that is usually the case after long periods of high water. caught about a dozen fish including one that was 21 inches and a couple that were a shade under 20. i lost a few and moved a bunch. it was the best day ive had so far this year.

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