Sunday, July 30, 2017

Had to Settle

I got up at 4am and shortly after was on the road. i headed up over the pass in search of a new area and lake. unfortunately i could not find any type of trail head for it or any sort of marker, so after driving around different dirt roads in search of any sort of identifier, i decided to try elsewhere. unfortunately on my way out steam started pouring out of my hood so i quickly stopped and popped the hood. unfortunately i had radiator fluid spewing everywhere by where the top radiator hose fastens to the radiator itself. to speed up the process of me being able to refill the radiator i took my hoodie off and popped off the radiator cap. of course that really sped of the process. as that was going on i started to look things over and noticed that the hose where it hooks up to the radiator up top had some how slipped off the radiator itself. luckily i still had my leather man equivalent multi tool in the back of my jeep, which had a small screw driver built in and i was able to re-tighten the radiator hose clamp after pushing it back onto the radiator. i put in water water i had in the back of the jeep, which wasnt much, but it was enough to get me down the road to one of the little creeks that i crossed on the dirt road. i stopped at the creek and with the little water bottles i had i refilled the radiator and was on my way. i decided that i didnt have time to hike to my second choice so i parked at the trail head of plan 'B' but went in a different direction. i covered 3 different lakes, 1 of which was a new one but i came out empty handed from all 3 lakes. one of the lakes that fished really well last fall didnt even produce so much as a follow or a hit it

did however have some winter kill and i did see some dead fish in the shallows at one end of the lake. as always it was great to get out but all in all it was not a very good day.

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