Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Fish.....My Biggest Fish

Hooked up with jake on a stretch that i had hit a couple times earlier in the week. the water was slowly dropping and i had been getting into some decent action, nothing spectacular but decent. the day was slow for the most part, jake picked up 3 average fish but the 1 fish that i hooked up with all day was a year maker for me. jake had just landed a fish and i was up. a few casts into the run and this beast comes and porpoises on my streamer and it was on. at first i thought that was a big ass fish, then i though maybe it wasnt as big as i first thought. during the fight it cruised right in front of me and as i first thought, that was a big ass fish. jakes reactions confirmed that it was a big fish and bad thoughts entered my head as jake was trying to net it cause it was to big to fit into the net and kept flopping out so of course the whole time i was waiting for the streamer to let go. finally it was in the net and in my hands for some photos. it measured at an impressive 27 inches, i say impressive cause the average fish we take out of there is about 18 inches and my biggest in that river was 23 inches until that point.

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